Water Efficient Landscape

April 15, 2016

Water Efficient Landscape


Designing and installing the perfect landscape encompasses more than aesthetics. The end result of a quality landscaping project must take into consideration utilization of drought tolerant plant material, low water irrigation and water conservation to achieve a water efficient landscape. Weather the project is for a new irrigation or an irrigation retrofit; all factors must come into play.

Vintage Outdoors takes water efficiency very seriously. Focusing on water efficient landscape design, we were one of the first contractors to install synthetic turf in a desert landscape in 1994; leading the way to better water conservation in the Coachella Valley.

Home and commercial clients alike can enjoy the cost saving benefit a Xeriscaping design provides by installing efficient irrigation to a new location or by an irrigation retrofit. Our staff will assess your new or current irrigation needs and design a beautiful landscape incorporating water efficient irrigation systems, low water plants, turf removal and synthetic turf and/or rock installation.

Xeriscaping provides other benefits as well.

  • Property values increase
  • Water conservation. Outdoor water usage can be reduced up to 75%
  • Utilizing plants indigenous to the Coachella Valley eliminates the need for pesticides and provides a familiar habitat for local birds and animals

As your local, one-stop-shop for all your landscape needs, our knowledgeable staff will work with you to design the most water and cost efficient home or commercial space landscape.

Once a design has been approved, we will install new irrigation or irrigation retrofit your current system to best serve your needs, save you money, and enrich your outdoor space.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church, in Palm Desert, CA is a good example of upgrading to xeriscaping. The removal of turf and the installation of water efficient plants and irrigation can add value to any property. See our before and after photos showing how attractive the landscape can be with proper design and installation.